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Bavarian Fire Drill/Archive

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--->Woman: Excuse me, I've come to drop off my daughter. --->Me: [looks around, thinking there's a counselor here she didn't see] --->Woman: (irritated) Alicia. She was coming late today. --->Me: (trying to be as un-sarcastic as possible) Well, um, there's not actually any counselor here right now. I think they went to handle something in the pool. --->[pause] --->Girl: ...Mom, she doesn't work here.

-->Salesman: "Uh, no hablo Inglés" -->Director: "No hay problema, yo hablo Español. ¿Dónde estan los dos--" -->Salesman: "They're in the back."

+ In Japan, being obviously non-Japanese will see opportunities for this springing up all over. I'm supposed to pay for pictures with my musical idol? Sorry, I'm foreign. I don't know what I'm doing. (Said after the picture was already taken for free).

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