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Troper Tales Wiki has yet to be fully moved here. Until such a time as we do, just look at the man with a top hat or something, and contribute to already moved tales*. Please use correct capitalisation ("the" lowercase, and actually use stuff like commas in the titles).

Feel free to contribute and add your own tales, otherwise the wiki will never accomplish anything.

A Special Efforts thread for the moving of articles here can be found here.

If you'd like to help archive old tales, you can download a .zip containing all of the archived tales here, mirror here.

*Existing pages can be found here.

Reporting Bad Tales

If you have spotted a tale you are not sure fits the trope, is a bit egotistical, or suffers from any other fault, please report it at Tale reports.

Basic Markup

MediaWiki differs from TV Tropes in several ways:

  • To link to a page put it in [[]]s. E.g. [[Heartwarming Moments]] produces Heartwarming Moments.
  • You no longer have to use CamelCase, as spaces and lowercase letters are perfectly able to do, unless the trope begins with a lowercase letter.
  • If it begins with a lowercase letter, then you can use {{DISPLAYTITLE:heartwarming Moments}} (or whatever page it is) on the top of the page and it should work. Sort of like the custom title system on TV Tropes.
  • For spoiler markup, instead of using [[spoiler:Text]], use {{S|Text}}. This works as normal, but there are still some bugs with links showing. Links will be fixed soon.
  • Bold and italics work exactly the same, actually.


To add your own examples, type the following at the bottom of the page:

== ==
'''[[User:YOURUSERNAME|]]:''' Your tale.

To add a comment, go to the bottom of the tale and add

:'''[[User:YOURUSERNAME|]]:''' Your reply.

In practise this looks like:

Some User: I did irrelevant thing.

Some Other User: And then what?


A link to the archives from the old Troper Tales system on TV Tropes can be found here. Note that many of these have not yet been updated to use the MediaWiki markup, and the archive may not yet be complete.

Troper Tales

A link to the list of Troper Tales here. The master list is not complete yet in that 1) not all new troper tale pages have been created, and 2) not all troper tale pages have been categorized as of yet.

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